Here you will find information about where the TitleDesktop system is hosted. AccuTitle Software has been using iland, a global cloud service provider headquartered in Houston, Texas, for over 15 years to host our software and our valuable clients data.
With iland, we can easily manage all of our virtual data center resources such as compute, storage and complex networking, view detailed performance information, restore from backups, replicate data to other iland secure clouds and more.

With nearly a decade of cloud experience, iland curates a complete cloud offering that brings together state of the art technologies.


Role-based access control
Two-factor authentication
Vulnerability scanning
Detailed firewall and log events


We adhere to the following standards:
SOC 2 & SSAE 16
ISO 27001 certification

Security Features 
vulnerability scanning and security alerting
A built-in cloud vulnerability scanning service performs periodic penetration testing of our environment, ensuring that web servers and networks are not vulnerable to attack.
Natively, all data is encrypted at rest in the storage array. Integrated encryption reports, to fulfill the needs of security and regulatory audits and 7-day encrypted backups are performed.
anti-virus / anti-malware
iland Secure Cloud has integrated malware and antivirus detection. We perform file scans, smart scans and real-time scans, our goal is to prevent infected files from running and quarantining any suspicious items. With integrated reporting and alerting, keeping your data safe is easier than ever.
deep packet inspection
Inspecting all traffic to and from VMs enables us to provide Intrusion detection and prevention, Web Application Protection from black-list sites, app-layer attacks, SQL injections and cross-site scripting.
log analysis, firewall events, integrity & web reputation monitoring
Log Analysis: Ongoing collection and analysis of log files to identify security events across the environment.
Firewall events: Continuous inspection of VM traffic, enabling policies that block suspicious activity.
Integrity Monitoring: Daily scans monitor critical OS and application files for suspicious behavior, including changes to key attributes, registry keys, contents, and access control lists
Web Reputation Monitoring: Armed with an industry-leading black-list, we can block users from accessing malicious sites.

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